In the beginning, Sunlit Homes installed home improvement products that required roof mounting. We were on 1,000’s of roofs and noticed the varying quality of roof installations. Sunlit Homes would update homeowners on the condition of their roofs as a courtesy. Then, we began offering homeowners roof tune ups and repairs. So, it was natural for Sunlit Homes to add total roofing system replacements to our portfolio of services.

Sunlit Homes is a family owned and operated business, where we believe in quality and have a “do it right the first time” attitude. We have put together asphalt roofing system packages that include many products, that other companies consider as upgrades. These products include: Architectural shingles (no 3-tab), Synthetic Underlayment (no paper felt), Ice/water shield (additional protection for your valleys, chimney and other trouble areas) and Roof Ventilation (every roofing system Sunlit Homes installs must have strong ventilation for roof longevity and other benefits, so a FREE Solar Attic fan is provided). Read more


Find out how to select and install the perfect roofing system for you.

Natural Daylight

Brighten up any dark rooms in your house with beautiful, pure and free Natural Daylight.

House Ventilation

Cool down and freshen up the air in your attic, garage and/or your entire house.

Other Services

Make your house efficient, and better maintained with using any of our products and services.

Solar Roofing Packages

Sunlit Homes Roofing is excited to announce a unique partnership with Renu Energy Solutions, a Charlotte-based company providing smart, reliable solar for the home. Renu’s all-in-house installation team and experienced energy consultants encourage you to explore your path to solar at the same time you’re redoing your roof.

For a limited time, Sunlit Homes Roofing customers can redeem a special offer on a new architectural shingle roof replacement combined with a solar energy installation.

Getting this deal is simple: By doing a basic energy assessment with Renu Energy Solutions including an evaluation of your electric utility bill, an expert can help you determine if you qualify to go solar, potentially saving significant energy and money monthly.

Sunlit Homes and Renu Energy Solutions have a limited-time, 0% down financing package, or 12 months same as cash offer for roofing and solar installations – plus you may be eligible for a 30% federal tax credit and other incentives!

Learn why customers recommend both Sunlit Homes Roofing and Renu Energy’s top-notch service.

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