Our Story

Our Story

Born and raised on a farm in Czechoslovakia to a family of nine, Rene and Zigi quickly learned the valuable lessons of hard labor and strong work ethics. Soon after the fall of Communism, Zigi took advantage of an opportunity to study in the United States (America). Arriving in Washington, D.C. with the equivalent of .50 cents in his pocket and 2 pieces of luggage, he started his journey at a Virginia based college. Soon after, Rene and most of his siblings came to the US (America) for a college education and opportunity.

After receiving an education, each brother went on their individual path gaining valuable life and business experiences that would prove to be beneficial for creating a partnership in the future.

In 2009, Zigi formed Sunlit Homes and acquired Solatube’s territory for Southeast NC from J&J Enterprises, who had been established for 10 years. Several energy efficient products were added into the portfolio of services including roofing.

Then in 2015, Rene joined the company and a partnership was formed. The following year an opportunity to acquire the North Carolina Solatube dealership arose and on January 4, 2017 the acquisition was completed. In the spring of 2018, due to increased requests for roofing services and other energy saving products, Sunlit Homes begun to focus on meeting those needs and created a sister company Carolina Skylights to handle Daylighting and Ventilation requests.