Solar Attic Fan

RM 1500 (16 Watt Solar Fan)

A classic roof mount model for a wide range of attic ventilation needs. For example: low sloped roofs with a smaller area.

RM 2400 (35 Watt Solar Fan)

This robust roof mount system is designed to accommodate even the most expansive attic spaces. For example: steep sloped roofs with smaller area, steep sloped roofs with larger area or low sloped roofs with larger area.

Interior Mounted Attic Fans

Transform your existing attic vent into an active solar powered solution with our interior mount model. For applications where Gable Vents, Dormer Vents, Whirlybirds and Powered Vents already exist.

IM 1500 (16 Watt)

Upgrade Your Existing 10-Watt Solar Star

We are pleased to announce we have a new 35-watt model available. For a limited time only we are giving our loyal past customers a chance to upgrade for a fraction of the cost. If you are interested in replacing your 10-watt or 22-watt attic fan with our new high performance 35-watt model please give us a call today and schedule your appointment.

  • 100% performance increase over old 10-watt
  • 40% performance increase over old 22-watt
  • Upgraded model mounts on your existing flashing
  • New Manufacturer Warranty
  • Qualifies for 30% Federal Tax Credit

RM 1500 (16 Watt) ADD-ON PANEL

An ideal addition for instances when continuous sun exposure is limited. Compatible with any Solar Star Roof Mount product. This sleek solution ensures continuous operation throughout the day by resolving issues such as shadowing from trees, rooftop equipment, or other structures.

Thermal Switch

Activates temperature settings for best results in colder northern climates prone to ice damming. Activates when temperatures reach approximately 85° F (29° C) and deactivates when temperatures drop below 65° F (18° C). Easily installs on all Solar Star models

Solar-Powered Convert Kit

  • Boost performance of existing passive vents.
  • Transform energy consuming and noisy powered vents into quiet solar-powered vents.
  • Powered by the sun. No electrical hook-up, no electrician and requires no cost to operate.
  • Choose any sunny roof location to install attractive solar panel.

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